The London Munch: For Love Or Money?

When Joanna Lark invited me to go with her to the London Munch back in January 2010, as usual I did not know what to expect. Joanna likes to surprise me, to entice me into her fetish world, so she doesn’t really tell me much about our outings; she lets me discover her world by myself. So far I have never been disappointed, so as usual with any of Joanna’s invitations, I was besides myself with excitement and expectation towards this new experience.

The evening started early when at 7 o’clock my new wannabe slave “memoire de poisson” arrived at the door ready to drive me to the Munch venue. All that Joanna had told me was that there was not a strict dress code for the Munch; so I just wore a leather mini skirt with matching leather bra and a red cashmere cardigan on top. All and all, I looked quite serious, or maybe I should say, seriously dangerous…

The London Munch was held at an open bar where the basement had been reserved for the Munchers. I found it an incredibly turn on to arrive all dressed in black leather and red cashmere at the bar, men and women turning in awe to look at me, followed closely by my slave opening doors and holding my handbag and taking care of my every step. I rarely feel so powerful and excited but having all the eyes in the pub fixed on me, admiring me and wishing they could get closer had an incredible impact on me. I must be an exhibitionist deep down, because every time I am in a similar situation I feel the heat between my legs mounting and expanding through all my body. It is such a lovely warmth and feeling of power that I really look forwards to it nowadays.

The Munch was populated with an eclectic group of people, ranging from young people in jeans and t shirts to gorgeous women dressed up in lovely corsets. As soon as I arrived I found Joanna at the bar. How could I miss her, always so powerfully gorgeous and surrounded by a group of her subs; wannabe slaves and Masters? The ambiance was very friendly; Joanna introduced me to several of her friends, all of them very interesting people to talk to. It was there that I met a Master friend of Joanna. He was a fascinating character and was delighted to answer all my questions. He didn’t mind spending the evening explaining me, a newbie to the London scene, all the things I was curious about.

From that night on, a question that he asked me has stuck in mind. He asked me, why I am getting involved in the London Fetish scene; is it for love or money? My answer was, and still is, for love. Yes, because I am enjoying so much discovering this new side of me and this new view of the world that I wouldn’t like to be anywhere else at the moment. I do it for love, because allowing myself to enter the scene has opened up a whole new horizon. I can see how in everyday life I have become more assertive and more confident of. Allowing myself to explore my dominant side is opening new ways of unknown pleasure.
Yes, I do it for love!

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