Being a submissive girl… not really!

For a few months I had been delighted discovering my new self, the Dominatrix side of me.  I never had any doubts as to whether I was a Dom or a Sub but I was incredibly curious to see life from a sub’s perspective.  There was also the fact that I had read so many times that to be a good Mistress you really need to be empathetic, know your subs and understand their motivations.  This is how I came to think that the best way to understand a sub was to be one.   When I talked about it to Joanna, she agreed with me and had the great idea of introducing me to Master Alan, a very good friend of hers. 

Master Alan was a gentleman from the very first minute I met him. To be honest I found it difficult to understand how such a caring and loving person could be a sadistic Master.  We immediately clicked and he agreed to help me explore my submissive side (if there was one) during that weekend. 

My day as a sub girl started with a photo-training session where Master Alan introduced me to the positions a subby girl should adopt in front of her Master.  I started very nervous, I didn’t feel at ease kneeling down open legged or always keeping my eyes down, but soon Alan put me at ease and we had a fun time taking photos with some of Joanna’s collection of bondage gear for women.  I enjoyed the photo session and all the beautiful leather clothing I was wearing but I couldn’t really get into a sub girl’s frame of mind.  Alan understood this and by the end of the photo session, instead of me playing Master’s slave girl, I ended up learning how to properly use my new long leather whip on any future subs.


Chains or whips?


The weekend went by and we attended a couple of events as Master and slave girl.  Alan was a complete sweetheart but I still didn’t like at all being a subby girl.  Despite Alan’s gentleness I couldn’t get myself into a sub’s frame of mind.  It just wasn’t me.  Still I can say that I had a very productive weekend.  I learnt a whole lot of new things and I had lots of fun.  Probably more important than everything, I learnt that I was really a Dom and I could never be a sub to anyone.    


Master Alan trying to convince me…

Another very important thing I learnt during those days was that being a Master or a Mistress is not about being cruel and abusive to your subs.  A real Dom is someone who cares for her subs and respects them.  Master Alan showed me how you could be a gentleman and still be a severe Master.  Punishing your subs doesn’t always have to mean physical pain or torture.  Punishing a sub can take many different forms and one of them is withholding pleasure, teasing and denial, a form of mind game that I wasn’t aware until then, even if I had done it a few times, only now I came to understand its power. 

Me, a Subby girl?  Not really….

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