Letter From My Norwegian Slave About His First Pedestal Night

i had the honour of being Joanna’s slave at Pedestal and that is a night hard to forget. Since i am not into (much) pain i am sure i got more out of it than She did, but i hope She had a great night at Pedestal too. There were other slaves for Her to beat and torture so She could play as much as She wanted without making me suffer physically. My place was at Her feet and that was the best place i could ever hope for.
The feeling of being a little useless slave combined with the proudness of being the slave of the most beautiful Woman in the Club was sensational.
What surprised me most at Pedestal was that there were so many women . I had expected a 80/20 proportion of men/Women, but it must have been close to 50/50. Or maybe i just noticed the Women and ignored the slaves… Nevertheless, i did not see anyone that i would rather kneel for than Joanna, althoug there were lots of beautiful Mistresses there!
The only thing i missed at Pedestal is maybe some more bondage devices.

Under Her heel

Joanna took very good care of me and even though She could (and did) raise Her voice when i did not follow Her orders properly She always had that beautiful naughty smile for me when i needed it. She is a beautiful Mistress with a big heart and that touch of empathy that you don’t find everywhere.

On the way out to Club Pedestal

Thanks for being who You are, Joanna, and thanks for allowing me to serve. i hope i can be your little slave again one day.



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