London Alternative Market

The London Alternative Market held the first Sunday of every month is certainly an event not to be missed.  Like most new discoveries on the London fetish scene, I discovered the LAM with Joanna Lark.  That morning we were feeling high, ready to dress to impress, so as soon as we got up and had a pampering bath we put on our PVC catsuits and matching Dominatrix hats.  As usual, we caused a stir when we arrived wearing our shiny, PVC catsuits hugging our curves and feeling like lubed rubber. 

The market was spread over two floors of uncensored naughtiness and kink. Joanna knew almost everyone in there, from stall owners to customers.  She was glowing in her kingdom admired by everyone in sight. 

Zahira’s Boudoir

One of the first stalls catching my attention was that of the beautiful Zahira and her amazing handcrafted leather corsets and accessories. The leather corset that caught my attention among the leather armours and all the glamorous designs was one from Zahira’s “Leather Tatoo Collection” (available from 280 Euros).  The corset in tan leather bearing a tattoo-like design was like a second skin.  The strong hold gave me an amazing shape and the tattoo design looked like it was part of my catsuit.   Needless to say that I was enamoured with Zahira’s creations so I promised to follow up attending one of her workshops in her London studio to see how she crafts such pieces of art.

Cyber Geisha

Jack’s Floggers

I was just coming out of my daydreams with Zahira’s glamorous creations when a pony girl caught my attention.  She was the prettiest pony girl I had ever seen; everything in her was elegant and perfect.  Next to her was her Master – a big imposing gentleman.  He was choosing a flogger from Jack’s Floggers.  I was immediately attracted to this couple so I started to talk to them.  Much to my surprise, the imposing Master was every inch of a gentleman and he kindly instructed me on the qualities of Jack’s floggers which are handcrafted in a wide variety of exotic materials, like he says, “distinctly designed for the discerning deviant at an affordable price”.  I was lucky enough to get an introduction to Jack’s floggers and to have a try of some of his creations with the pony girl. 

One of Jack’s floggers made from horse hair.

Latex 101 

Once I got to the latex stall I just couldn’t stop myself from using my plastic to buy a few items.  Joanna introduced me to the owners; very gentle people who advised me on how to wear latex, how to care for my latex clothing and how to choose the best outfit.  I bought everything without trying it on.  They promised that if would fit… and it did fit like a glove.

Latex belt


Nick and Morphia Wands

Just before we had our lunch break, Joanna introduced me to Nick and Morphia Wands.  I have never been attracted to electric play so I admit that I was not impressed with their old boxes spread on the table and I was planning an escape strategy when they showed me a buzzing violet wand and teased me to try it.  Not without concern I gave them my hand to try -I am not into pain- so this was not really my thing.  But how wrong could I be, instead of pain what I felt was a mild prickly sensation that got me asking for more.  I was enjoying something I thought I would never try!  After my first experience I tried more of their devices and got instructed into the rarity and collector’s value of Violet Wand sets. 

Nick’s and Morphia’s devices are mostly classic or vintage.

As imagined, I was having so much fun with my new discoveries that Joanna had trouble to tantalize me to take a lunch break.  But, as she knows me well now, she found a couple of “victims” who would make our lunch break not only nutritious but enjoyable.   So, there we were waiting for our lunch brought by “monkey ben” a little effort of a man but a very efficient servant while alisha a lovely and delicate sissy maid was giving us a foot massage.  Once we got our food and drinks on the table we each threw a bit on the floor over a napkin, that was going to be monkey ben and alisha’s dinner.  It was fun to kick them around and see them fighting over the food like two hungry puppies, banned from using their hands, they looked really comical on all fours, bums sticking in the air ready to be kicked and flogged. 

When we finished eating I decided to wear the leather strap-on Joanna had given me.  It looked stunning over my red catsuit.  Alisha looked at me still hungry and wanting so I spread some wine over my strap-on’s dildo and ordered her to suck it.  The poor thing sucked until there was no force left in her.  But I had started and once started I cannot stop myself, so I ordered alisha’s girlfriend -who had been looking at us in surprise- to continue the job. 

There is something special about wearing a strap-on, even something more special when it is a man sucking your dildo.  I was turned on, ready for the fun to continue at Joanna’s LAM after party.  The real fun was just going to start!

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