Selection of My slave’s poetry

Written by one of my favourite slaves, I found it so beautiful…



“Her  chains they bite, I bleed

not from my flesh but from my need

I feel your touch its like a flame

each moment you wish to tame

I’m wild and free and still a slave

I walk the road to me you gave

I follow you and your desire

my passion burns in last fire

you put this collar on me now

I beg and do and nod and bow.”





“The touch of a lash wielded by you

Lets the beauty of my pain shine through

Honest emotions are allowed to be free

At only that point am i honestly me.

No false countenance to hide behind

As my wrists behind my back you bind

A blindfold helps me truly to see

That you really want to be with me.

The chains you use with such measured care

Pulled tight to bruise, show me you care

The gag you threaten, to make me plea,

Helps me to reach that space in me.

I bite down on my gag in vain

I can still only scream out your name

I thank you for all that you can be

For in your eyes I am finally Me”



  • bootlicker August 5, 2013

    Beautiful Mistress Joanna Lark,
    went strolling one day in the park,
    with Her favorite slave
    and a whip, with which She gave
    its back a beautiful mark.

  • Joanna Lark August 5, 2013

    I love your limerick bootlicker! Brought a smile to my face and sure will bring a new mark on his back! 🙂

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