Slave Competition

Finding a good competent slave is never easy.  Everybody wants to serve; all those insignificant beings approaching us to be at our feet want to be our slaves.  They all want to be dominated, used and abused by a beautiful Mistress.  Unfortunately, most of them are not of any use.  How many times have I encountered subs who cannot even clean my boots properly? How many times have I dismissed subs for being cheeky or wanting to top from the bottom?  So many times that I cannot even count them or indeed remember them.  This is why Joanna had the idea of having a slave competition before deciding who would have the honour to maid for us at the house and escort and serve us at Club Subversion.

It was early afternoon when I arrived from one of my trips and Joanna greeted me with a huge hug announcing that before the pre-party we were having a slave competition.  Of course, my eyes shined at the idea of torturing those lucky subs desperate to serve us for the night.  What an excellent excuse to kick some butts!

That night we were going to club Subversion’s uniform themed night.  Joanna had chosen for me a beautiful white vinyl nurse dress with matching white platform heels and white vinyl opera gloves from her private collection.  She was going to wear one of her military hats with matching black police officer catsuit.  She was the “bad cop” and I was the “nurse from hell”.

We had three new wannabe slaves: “Chinese boy”, “kitten”, and “military-bee”.

Three obedient creatures under our heels

Kitten, the most docile of the three suited very well his nickname.  As soon as he arrived Joanna ordered him to dress up with a French maid costume in PVC and a black-bob wig. Kitten performed most of his duties correctly, he was a “pro” shining toilets.  Unfortunately for him, when it came to personal service he failed miserably at doing a pedicure for me.  The poor soul was so nervous that after washing, massaging and worshipping my feet when it came to paint my toenails he made a big mess with his shaky hands.  To make things worst, when he tried to clean the mess on my toenails he spilled the nail polish remover on the bedroom carpet.  The smell was unbearable and he was so mortified by his stupid mistake that he was almost in tears because he knew already that his chances of becoming a house slave for Joanna Lark’s kingdom was out of the window, evaporating as quickly as the fumes of the nail polish remover.

The second contestant, “Chinese boy” was an entirely different thing.  He was ordered to dress up as a prisoner with a black and white striped costume.  Just like a prisoner of war he had that hollow look of someone who is scared to death and therefore chooses to be silent, fast and efficient to avoid getting into trouble.  He was one of our favourite contestants, as he had a high pain threshold which allowed us to play and enjoy ourselves while entertaining our pre-party guests.  He was so comical carrying Mistress Abunai’s vintage suitcase with her toys along the street that we were in stitches laughing at the looks of passers by.  I guess Londoners are not used to seeing a Chinese prisoner in chains with a clothes-peg on his nose carrying a woman’s suitcase along the street!

The military-bee was more of a challenge as he was convinced that he wanted to slave for us but had a mind too strong for his own good.  To break his will before the big party, Joanna ordered him to dress in a bumble-bee costume and stiletto high heels.  It was funny to see how embarrassed he was, wearing a female wig, high heels and a dress.  He wanted to refuse being feminized but Joanna’s authority won him over and helped his natural sub-instinct come to the surface.  He was too loud though and to shut him up he was ordered to keep the detachable dildo from Joanna’s strap on dildo, in his mouth for most of the night.  Later on he confessed that he loved the experience and finally understood how his ex-girlfriends felt when he demanded them to wear extreme high heels all night in order to feed his fetish dreams.

The three wanabes were really fun to play with, each of them with their own peculiarities.  The three of them were good at serving us and entertaining our friends so at the end of the night we decided to take the three slaves clubbing with us.  After all, a Mistress can never have too many slaves…


  • JL October 25, 2012

    new competition will take place soon! 😉

  • Madam Helle October 25, 2012

    Fantastic, Joanna!

    I wish I could be at the next slave competition.



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