Lucha Britannia – The Combination Of Mexican Lucha Libre Wrestling, Burlesque Dance, Comedy Show In Fetish Atmosphere

 After reading Time Out’s opinion about Lucha Britannia(below), I decided to look deeper into this event.

 “Just when London’s fans of freak-show entertainment thought they had seen it all, Bethnal Green opened its doors to the violent hilarity of Mexican wrestling. Pack a b stomach and your best gimp mask; you’re going to need it. It doesn’t get much better than this. Mexican, British and Japanese wrestlers will be covering thiselves in Deep Heat and causing muchos pain, while burlesque starlets, gimps chomping at the bit and strange theatrical encounters make for one of the very best nights in town.”

 So what Lucha Britannia is about? I am quoting the invitation they’ve just sent me, it all sounds very tempting:

Lucha Underground is back!!

Friday 19th November! 9PM The last Lucha show of 2010!!!


 The awe-inspiring, award winning Lucha fighting machine and the cast of the United Resistance Movement are back, bigger bolder and brassier than ever for the next monthly excursion into Lucha Underground.

The wrestling is insane, the characters are outstanding, The gilrs are eye popping, the action is unbelievable!!!

It has all your Favourite Freedom Fighting Luchadors and Glamazon Luchadoras!!
Singles competition!
Tag Team Action!
Cabaret Siniestro!!
Sex & Violence!!!

Featuring an all star cast of wonder and blunder:

Leon Britannico, Bradford W Bush, Transexico, Metallico, Shiro Yoshida, Necrosis, Bengal Tiger, Tiger Jnr, El Parano, Ultimo Perversio, El Diablo Rojo, Estupido the human torpedo, Major Rotten, Lagarto Del Plata, Mamzelle Maz, Miss Miranda, Tammy Torture, Ana Agony, Dr Rupert G Hooper & from the David Lynch inspired ‘Double R Club’, Benjamin Louche!

Plus Cabaret Siniestro-Neo Burlesque starlets and comedy freaks to make your eyes water!

Break The Silence!!

Tickets availiable now!

Want to be a Luchador?? Join the London School of Lucha Libre now!

Ever wondered why Lucha Britannia can break the silence??? Ever thought, “what the hell is the RetroFutureVerse” ??? You can read the history behind the story, behind the comedy of Lucha Britannia here!!!

What? Lucha Underground!

Why? Cos you dont want to miss the most exciting show in town!



Where? Resistance Gallery. 265 Poyser St. Bethnal Green, E2 9RF

When? Fri 19th Nov 2010. 9pm start!

How? We got tickets! But hurry..we are almost sold out!!!

More Fighting…More Comedy…More Horror… More Fetish…More Carry On…More Music…More Spandex…
More Lycra…More Latex…More Heels…More Hosiery…More Lingerie…More Action…More,More,More!!!!!!!

what do you think?

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