Introducing Passionate Dominatrix Countess De Jager

Well – I am not sure if  I need to introduce Countess De Jager anymore – as she has become one of the icons of London Fetish Life… But for those who haven’t met her yet – beware:

“To the cognoscenti I’m known by the title ‘Countess De Jager’. It is pronounced ‘dee-are-sher’ as the ‘j’ is silent.  I don’t like to be called ‘Mistress’. To me, a mistress is a woman who’s having an affair with another woman’s hus­band. I’m a Dominatrix.

My title goes back to 16th century France. During the revolution, royal families were taken into the Palace of Versailles, that’s where my ancestors found sanctuary to avoid beheading. During my mother’s investigation into our lineage, she discovered documents and a coat of arms that confirmed our royal bloodline.

 I’m the ‘House Dominatrix’ at Subversion and Club Rub. I own my own club Toppers a purely BDSM play club and a BDSM retreat in Spain for the discerning players.

 I specialise in CBT, needle play and CP. I have bondage toys, tool, devices of torture, canes, needles (all sizes) and tawse’s, some that I have had made for me and by me. I enjoy CBT most of all. I like masochists but not all are. I go in slow then build up to find your levels. All the tools look menacing and intimidating, some just vibrate, some crush, some sting but most of all they get me high. I like them to see what I’m doing too. I have a mirror I place so they can watch me. I have had slaves finish to soon as they have played out to early and I have only just started…lol ‘Word of advice, cum before you come’ Unless your into control.



I’m a Domme that provides a unique service,  I’m unconventional. You get what you ask for and more, so beware! ”Careful what you wish for” I absorb your energy and get high from your physical suffering. I breathe in your agony. I laugh at your humiliation. I tingle at your torment.  I giggle with every prick, spark and laceration. I am accomplished in all forms of torture. Nothing fazes me. From mild to extreme, marked or not, you will know you have visited The Countess.




  • Orange Dolly October 28, 2010

    i often dream about You milking me Countess

  • JL October 28, 2010

    orange dolly you should know it will always remain just your dream!

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