Subversion Celebrates 6th Birthday This Saturday!

My birthday is on 5th of November – tomorrow (you all should know for who are the fireworks all over the country), and Club Subversion celebrates it’s 6th birthday on Saturday – what a special weekend! Even more reasons to get your gear out, polish the boots, lace up your corset really tight and celebrate! Reveal your devilish side…

So if you haven’t heard about this club yet, dedicated to the pursuit of kinky pleasure in all it’s form –  this is the best moment to explore it… It will be even more fun than normally. And the regular kinksters know already, that at Subversion you can expect unexpected…especially when Countess De Jager is one of the House Mistresses…

And here few useful details first hand:

Club Subversion welcomes fetish club virgins and seasoned players alike. We always have resident Mistresses, Masters & subs (all friendly and approachable) to guide you through your first club experience, should you need it. If it is your first time to a fetish club, or to Club Subversion, it may be helpful to read our first time tips online or give us a call if you don’t have internet access. Rules and Etiquette of fetish clubbing are set out to provide a safe, fun play and dance environment for everyone. If you are unsure of the Rules and Etiquette for Club Subversion, please take a moment to read them online or call us for a copy! Club Subversion has a strict fetish dress code. You will be turned away at the door, even with pre-purchased tickets, if you do not have the right attire. Club Subversion also reserves the right to ask you to leave if you are not changed into fetish clothing once in the club. If you are unsure about the dress code please give us a call on 0207 582 4545.”

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