Old School Fetish at Club Rub on 17th of August

Old School Fetish attire is the theme for the next Club RUB on Aug 17th 2013!

Venue:  The White Swan, 20 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AB. From 10pm to 4am.

Let’s get back to basics…corsets, stockings, leathers, body harnesses, Muir caps, studded waistcoats, buckles, stilettos and bondage.

Just think of John Willie, Eric Stanton, Betty Page, John Sutcliff, Atom Age, hoods, wear rope…etc.


I have given Club Rub a Muir Cap as a prize for the BEST dress ‘Old School Retro’ attire. Visit my store to see the most fantastic range of leather caps.

Kim says it is a great prize and will be much sort after, as it’s the epitome of ‘old school fetish attire’. Worn by men and women alike as a symbol of dominance not just a fashion accessory. If you win you can select your favourite finish.





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