24/7 Perfect Slave – Thoughts From Overseas…

I popped recently into interesting post about perfect full time slave. It seems that me and Mistress Milliscent share very similar view on how the servitude should look:

“I think that a slave’s time should be kept full. A slave living with me could expect to have his or her days filled with work for me. Not meaningless works like scrubbing a bathroom with a toothbrush, while such work might be delightful, it isn’t really work, and would be a reward for a slave not a service to his or her owner. Meaningful work is what I would expect, work that improved my life and my household. Not necessarily physical work either, intellectual work is of tremendous value in our society, and I would use a slaves gifts, talents, and education to the fullest…..”  read more  

I have always been trying to give some constructive tasks to my slaves, like nuts crashing, envelopes licking, helping me with my bondage shop etc… And I find it also a natural way of filtering the “wanna-be slaves” out – only the strongest ones, truly committed slaves stay…


My Happy Sissi Maid

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