Letter From One Of My Slaves After The Night At Club Subversion

Hello Mistress Joanna Lark

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to serve you and your friend Mistress Anath at Club Subversion last night. I hope you both had a good time and that i was of some use to both of you.

Although i have been going occasionally to fet clubs for a while i am still a bit ‘wet behind the ears’ when it comes to being a sub. i really appreciate your time and the efforts you made last night to make me a better slave. I can be quite erratic especially in clubs which is why I almost need a Mistress to keep me in check!

I learnt a bit more about myself yesterday. i felt really embarrassed when you made me wear high heels and that wig and initially my pride meant that I wanted to refuse however being under your orders meant that my natural sub instinct overruled my head and i felt compelled to follow your orders.

When you made me hold that dildo in my mouth i felt SO humiliated…but strangely also turned on. I guess you learn more about what you are into and what makes you ‘tick’ all the timeā€¦its just a constant state of evolution. What made the experience quite ironic is the amount of times in the past I have made girlfriends wear heels (when a lot of the time they didn’t want to) just to indulge my personal fetish and now thanks to you I got to discover first hand what it feels like…

With Mistress Anath, Tessa and few victims – Subversion LFW 2010

I felt bad that i didn’t let you both play with me properly, i had already been out for a good few hours at my friends birthday so probably wasn’t in an ideal mindset for intense play but i should have tried harder. I can take pain and like to please but I am more into the psychological side of D/s more than someone who actually ‘enjoys’ the sensation of pain. That being said I have been spanked a few times and have enjoyed the psychological mind set i am in when i am being punished so there is defiantly scope for this side of play.

I hope that i pleased you and that you will consider using me again (even if i do need a few stern words to get me to behave properly!) my personality isn’t really a natural sub – i can be quite loud and i am quite outgoing but you were amazing at bringing out the sub in me and i loved being under your control and feel that with the right guidance I can be really good sub.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and will hopefully speak to you soon.

Ollie x


  • Orange Dolly October 16, 2010

    OD wants to buy you a gift. Do you like fruit?

  • JL October 16, 2010

    OD, I accept only mangosteen!

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