Club Pedestal: a new outlook on life

The day Joanna Lark invited me to Club Pedestal I couldn’t believe my luck. Joanna was proposing to take me to a club where women are adored by men, a place where women are in complete safety to explore their fantasies and men are at the service of women for whatever they might want. I couldn’t wait to see Club Pedestal I was excited but at the same time scared to go to a fetish club, I had never been to one, so I ask Becky, a friend of mine to come with me.

Joanna had arranged for one of her subs to pick me up, drive me to the club and serve me as a guide. I thought it appropriate to wear one of my leather corsets and skirts. When gloworm, Joanna’s sub, arrived to pick me up he amazed Becky and me with his polite manners and his leather clothing. He took us quietly to the Club, asking for permission to talk whenever he had a question for us. Once in the club we met Joanna who gave me one of her personal slappers and riding crop, in case I needed it. She couldn’t join us until later and had ordered gloworm to take care of us. We went up the stairs where we were greeted by the house slaves with fresh roses and after buying us a drink gloworm started our “education”. I was amazed by the beauty of the costumes I was seeing. There were women of all ages and sizes wearing incredibly pretty outfits. The first hall we entered was a huge play space with dungeon equipment. There was a horse bench, chains, and other BDSM equipment that I had never seen nor had any idea how to call or use it. The first thing I noticed was a man dressed only in shorts, tied to a pole and wrapped in some type of cling film from head to toe. An older man was hanging from his hands to an attachment from the ceiling while an amazingly pretty woman was flogging him, sometimes just tantalizing him, while other times she stroked with full force. There was also a big cage with several men lying on the floor; gloworm explained to us that they were waiting for a Domme to go and walk over them. I was pleasantly shocked, feeling my blood warming up inside me in anticipation and excitement. We spent some time there; gloworm explaining us the use for most of the equipment. I didn’t want to hear his explanations anymore; I couldn’t wait to try them instead!

We went through the club’s several areas, the Goddess room where a couple of girls were offering tantric massage to the Dommes; the dancing area, and the “zoo” where you could get men to wear animal masks and behave like the chosen animal. I was over the moon in Pedestal. The house slaves were at our disposition for all our wishes. A couple of times they went fetching drinks and nibbles for us. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the other Dommes; we were introduced to a couple of them who were very encouraging knowing that it was my first visit.

When we finally sat for a few minutes, a man came and asked me if he could “take care of my feet”. I nodded more with curiosity than in affirmation. He started cleaning my shoes with his tongue, caressing my ankles with his hands. It felt so good that I said “yes” when he asked for permission to take my shoes off. He slowly massaged the sole of my feet, my toes, my heels, my ankles. Meantime, I was trying to keep a straight face -difficult when you are experiencing so much pleasure- I kept talking to Becky and was telling her how good this was when I almost screamed in pleasure, he was sucking my toes, one by one, so softly, so deliciously… I couldn’t stand it any more! I used the riding crop to gently slap him on the face and ordered him to put my shoes back on. He did as told, with reverence before he asked for permission to go. I had never experienced so much pleasure in a public place just having my feet “taken care of”. It felt so good that I agreed to have my feet treated again by several other men during the night. Each of them was different, each of them had their own tricks but they were all pleasurable.

Becky was a bit more traditional and she only looked around, without allowing anyone too close to her. She couldn’t understand how these men were there to be used, to be punished just to please women. I didn’t think anymore, I didn’t try to understand, I just let myself go and enjoyed the moment.

When the moment came, gloworm asked for permission to go change his clothes and bring his toys. When he came back he was wearing a black kilt and nothing on top. He had a big suitcase which worked my curiosity. He opened it in front of me and arranged his slappers, floggers and whips in order of use. Patiently he explained to me the use of each of them and when he finished he asked me if I wanted to try them. I had been waiting for that question all night! He took his kilt off and positioned himself in some kind of cross, standing up with arms and legs open, ready to be punished. Following his teachings I started with the “teaser” slappers, softly slapping him, asking him if I was doing it right. By the time I had gone through half of his floggers, I didn’t have to ask anymore, I felt possessed, as if I had been born to do that. My first timid blows were becoming full stronger blows, I was enjoying it so much that I couldn’t stop myself. Becky, who had kept quietly in the background, was surprised to see me. Other Dommes and subs who I had met earlier that night couldn’t believe this was my first time punishing someone for real; they were even complimenting my dexterity and style with the whips and crops. I just couldn’t believe how good it felt. I went through the whole suitcase until I discovered my tool: the riding crop. I hadn’t used one before but the moment I tried my first slap with it, it felt made for me.

Joanna Lark at the Club Pedestal

After that I just felt at home. As if I had always belonged to the scene. I went in the cage and walked over a few men, used the house “horse slave”, used a surgeon as a seat, someone else as an ashtray, was invited by a Domme to torture her slave in a “blind capsule”, whipped a few more subs and ended the night finding my own private slave. Not bad for a Thursday night isn’t it?

Becky didn’t like the DBSM scene. However, much to her surprise, after the visit to Pedestal she had felt empowered, she felt like the Queen of the world, she behaved like that and it had worked wonders for her at both a professional and personal level. She is definitely not into BDSM but she would be happy to go back to club Pedestal anytime.


  • JL March 14, 2010

    Hello adrian,

    I think I remember you from one of Pedestal events. But come to the next party and refresh my memory!

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