Joanna Lark At Selfridges

Joanna Lark at AP

Keep your hat on” – I have read lately in the Metro magazine under the picture of AP models in Selfridges, wearing military style Dominatrix hats, shades and not much more… Have you joined the AP love force already? I did, and I am sure the crowd will follow.

As you probably know, there’s been a long history of fetish/BDSM world crossing to the “vanilla” world – we’ve seen Madonna trying to put us in a trance as a Dominatrix whilst wearing latex costumes and uniforms (Erotica), Rachel Weisz in super shiny PVC catsuit (or was it latex? – not sure now); of course Dita Von Teese, Lady Ga-ga to name just a few. It was always fascinating to watch them in these shiny, tight, dazzling outfits – like Gaga in “Poker Face”, PVC wearing Femme-Fatales regularly appearing in just about every hit US action show there is.

And there were times when looking at the model/actress/singer I said to myself: “damn, our catsuits are much better that that” or “our latex boots are sexier than what she’s wearing”. It might have been a bit biased, but this is how I felt about it… And still feel.




I knew that opportunity for JL would come – it was only a matter of time, but I didn’t expect opportunities to come so soon… and that big-boys (or girls?) like Vogue and Agent Provocateur would seek me out and come knocking on my door.

First – it was Vogue. They asked for couple of our corsets for a Lady Gaga photo session and I happily delivered – considering what would best suit whilst watching her and thinking how it would fit…. So far Vogue magazine chosen our stuff three times, and if it’s not a big endorsement of the quality and style of our products then I don’t know what is

Straight after that Agent Provocateur gave me a call and asked for 70 of our PVC Dominatrix shiny sexy hats!

As usually with these types of situations everything was done in the nick of time, so there was a bit of a stretching to deliver it on time – AP wanted to get 70 and we only had 10. It’s all beautifully handmade and there was not enough time to get them all done in this time window.

It’s a good feeling that at last the time has come for JL to put her 2 cents into the bdsm/fetish – vanilla mésalliance.

And don’t take my word for that – just look at Selfridges front window, right next to the main entrance:



I always knew there is something special about our stuff, with Joanna Lark being right there in the mix… and now it’s confirmed again. This is just a beginning… And I can’t wait for the next opportunity.

Will keep you up-to-date


Joanna Lark

P.S.Watch the video from Selfrides here.

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