Mistress Arella talks about slave’s essential skills.

Mistress Arella

I have selected recently another Dominatrix with attitude to JL’s bouquet – Mistress Arella. And here is what we can learn about her and her expectations from submissive man:

I am a professional as well as a lifestyle domme who lived and worked in London from summer 2007 till spring 2010. I am now based in my beautiful home city Prague and only visit London every now and then. I started working as a pro domme at the age of 25 but long before was attracted to the concept of servitude and worship. That is, naturally, what I specialize in both in my sessions and outside. I prefer real D/s relationships with a solid mental bond to NSA sessions. For me, BDSM is more about the mind though I admit that I love some types of physical punishment. My favourite implement for that would be very flexible and long cane.

If you attend one of my sessions and won´t have a particular scenario, you can expect various tasks of servitude, of course mixed with humiliation if I am not happy with your performance. I don´t like when people confuse words „to serve“, „to be punished“ or „to session“. For me these are different words and they should be used accuretly. It is not always easy to find those who understand what role the bottom plays in a D/s arrangement. It is much more common to come across men who believe that to be a personal slave to a pro domme means to be getting free sessions, possibly in return for minor „favours“.  Fortunately I have found a few real deals and I intend to keep these servants even if I stop doing sessions one day and that day will inevitable come sooner or later. 

To become a servant of mine, you need to have a particular mind set. The fact that you are kinky or that you like to play BDSM games certainly won´t do.  You need to be intelligent, have certain skills that can be of a real use to me and of course obedience, readiness to please and loyality is a must. To me, a D/s relationship is about commitment.  It is a type of a lifestyle that only work for certain people though. BDSM and even D/s is becoming fashionable and many people are getting involved out of boredom. I believe that is not right as they often spoil it for the genuine partner. I occasionally get these types in my sessions and they may be impertinent, confused and not cooperative enough. It fortunately does not happen often as I choose people I meet very carefully.

I believe it is important that the dominant partner respects the submissive one as much as the bottom respects the top and that limits of neither partner should pushed or abused (unless they agree otherwise).

So this is how I understand the concept of D/s and I have attached a few pictures for you to enjoy. 

Mistress Arella

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