Torture Garden Explored

From the very first day I entered the London fetish scene one place always made an echo at every night out I had: “Torture Garden”.  

Somehow I had imagined Torture Garden as a big outdoor party with women dancing in veils, candles and incense everywhere, fountains with nymphs happily dancing to the music played by their satyrs.  Whips and chains delightfully placed and gracefully used were also part of my Torture Garden imaginings. 

For some reason everyone I met asked me if I had already been at one of the TG parties.  It seemed that you could not seriously be in the fetish scene if you hadn’t experienced at least once Torture Garden, the world’s largest fetish club.  That was why when Joanna Lark invited me to TG’s birthday weekend 2010 I immediately booked my plane and came to see her.  A whole weekend of TG was an invitation I couldn’t refuse.  I wasn’t sure what to pack with me, the theme for the first Birthday night was Militaria.  When I asked Joanna what to wear she suggested going costume hunting together and that is how I ended up going straight from the plane into Islington to meet Joanna for choosing our outfits. 


Getting ready


Lady In Red

For the first night Joanna suggested we should wear military PVC catsuits with matching military hats.  I choose a red military catsuit with black belts and she went for a black one.  We looked astonishing; ready to go in and command everyone at the ball.   

The party was held at The Mass, a huge building spread over three floors. The layout of the Mass put in mind Dante’s inferno because we had to climb long rounded stairs to go from one floor to another and each floor had its own particular mystery and decadence.  Every floor was separated into different areas, each offering something special.  There was a floor with a catwalk, there was a dungeon area, clubbing rooms, performance rooms and even a couple’s room with a long queue of people waiting their turn to go in past the bouncers for some couple’s and group fun.  

So you better get the party started…

The performances that night were amazing; we were marvelled by Satomi’s Shibari show, my first one ever!  I found rope bondage fascinating and wondered how it would feel to be tied up like that.  I didn’t know that very soon –at the boat party- I would be able to experience rope bondage on myself. 

But if the performances were amazing, looking at all the beautiful people so carefully dressed and made up around us was also part of the show.  Torture Garden is pure and raw fantasy, people parade in the most amazing costumes you can imagine, anything from bourlesque corsets to full body painting and leather costumes. I could not help myself from staring at men and women alike.  Vanilla clubbing felt so boring and tedious in comparison to this live cabaret crowd surrounding me.  Where had I been all this years?  No wonder everyone I met talked about TG! I was going to make sure that I wasn’t going to miss a TG night again.     

We had lots of fun that night; we danced, we made new friends and found old acquaintances, we gathered a few new subs to serve us, and as usual, we were into heavy mischief at the dungeon area where I found “carpet boy” my first trampling victim outside Pedestal’s trampling cage.  Joanna discovered a new sub, “glasscumer” who after some extreme punishment in the Couple’s room was renamed “piña colada”.   


If Pedestal introduced me to Female Domination, Torture Garden introduced me to a new concept of fetish club, one where all type of alternative lifestyles meet to share a time of glamour and fantasy.  TG is about exhibitionism and pushing boundaries but above all TG is about having fun.

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